Choose a stroller

Choose a stroller ...

.. is a personal choice, but it is not always as simple as it seems. There are many different options to choose and it is worth taking the time to ensure you get the stroller you need. There are many factors to consider when making a choice that will benefit you and your child. The color of the stroller you choose is a personal choice, but the type and style of stroller should be governed by your needs.

Factors to take into consideration, it was really necessary to think about your needs and your lifestyle before you buy. For example, if you regularly use public transport or if you live in a building without a lift, then the weight and portability are likely to be factors of decision.

If you are a family out regularly in the countryside, the beach, wood, etc, perhaps you should consider a three-wheeled stroller.

Points to consider:

  • Does the stroller is not too heavy for your needs?
  • hauteur position and they are comfortable to drive?
  • Once folded the stroller she has a carrying handle?
  • Will it fit in your car once folded?
  • The folding mechanism is easy?
  • Will it be appropriate for public transport?
  • Is it for your baby under 6 months?
  • Is it comfortable for baby?

Types of pushchairs

The three-wheeled stroller::

Look trendy strollers especially useful if you live close to the campaign and you made a lot of walking. They are generally not suitable from birth even if you can get attachments to adapt. They are very easy to maneuver. They can be heavy and bulky when folded.

The four-wheel stroller:

Light and handy and can be used for newborns. Some are lighter than others.

Buggies and Strollers:

Many are not suitable for very young children because they have no back support even if some do, verify before you buy. Rugged and lightweight. Some come with a basket. Check that the buggy is comfortable and well padded, with good suspension and protection against rain and is suitable for summer and winter.

Two-in-one pram / stroller:

Some allow you to face your baby due to a reversible system, you will find a great comfort for young children during the first month.


As above, but with a removable basket.

Travel System pram / pushchair:

Some prams or strollers also have a system of removable basket, and come with a clip on the car seat, which are excellent for holding a sleeping baby when transferring to or from the car. Attention to weight, portability, manageability and cost.

The good old baby :

Grandparents love them, they are comfortable for baby - but your child will quickly grow, babies as young as three months are very willing to look outside.